Sunday, November 21, 2010

Project Photo: The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

The controversial Holocaust Memorial was designed by the architect Peter Eisenmann and engineer Buro Happold. The memorial consists of 2711 concrete slabs (stelae) and covers around 4.7 acres of ground. The Stelae are all the same length and width, however the height varies for each piece and are all placed on un-even ground in a grid-like pattern. It was designed to make the viewer feel confused, uneasy and lost, which is exactly what I felt. Some people may view this as just a block of concrete, but I took a moment to immerse myself in the shadows of the blocks to view and decipher my own view of the memorial and thinking of the Jews who had lost their lives.

Many people have different opinions and visions about the memorial. Above I have taken a picture to show my view through my eyes and the camera lens.


  1. Great shot-such an evocative image of what must have been an amazing experience.

    Happy travels!!

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