Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cycle Adventure: St Kilda to Black Rock

Recently, I had my Mountain Bike serviced as I had not used it for a long time (years in fact), so today, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine Melbourne finally had to offer and ventured off on my bike. A little shaky, a little nervous, but gradually built up my confidence to ride along side the passing cars. It made me realise what little knowledge I had about the rules on the road as a cyclist, but luckily Melbourne is cycle friendly and I just followed what other cyclists did.

Riding along on such a beautiful day really does get your heart racing. The feeling of freedom and not being trapped in a cocoon where you are constantly trying to get the temperature right, find some good music and trying to find a parking spot once you arrive at your destination, riding your bike really does seem logical.

The scenery along the beach is just beautiful and I had to stop to take in the surrounds.
The ride back home was a little hard I must admit. Every sight of a hill made me sigh a little and riding in to the wind really didn't help my aching gluteus maximus.

After my little adventure today, the possiblity of selling my car has crossed my mind and now I want to see more of Australia (and the world) on two wheels!

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